The reason of my creation is to
ask the creator.

The reason of my creation is to ask the creator.

Benyamin Bahadorani founded the brand in 2015 in Tehran/Iran. His first collection designed  Manteau with bird-inspired motifs in hand-painted. The next collections went to unisex, the Unisex kimono T-shirts. A few years later, Nogender collection was in 2020, and the Fear collection was in 2021. Benyamin Bahadorani reached his brand’s core, which is against discrimination.

We create narrative and slow fashion products, rich in references and consisting of genderless garments that look towards a non-binary future.
The vision of the brand it is to achieve unity, and are against discrimination; Such as; Sexual Orientation, Religious Discrimination, National Origin, Sexual Harassment Race, Color, and Sex.

The philosophy of the brand is the philosophy of the nature and essence of existence. It is a real and honorable issue. Nature is composed of the diversity of beings both outwardly and inwardly!

We should be responsible for what we are doing.
Any discrimination is a crime.