Rouge Lopsided Suit


Rouge Lopsided Suit inspired by the melting plastic regarding climate change and pollution in fashion industries.

Tailored with asymmetrical shapes in both upper and bottom parts with low fitting in hips and cut in foil Nylon fabric

In order to ensure a sustainable process, made-to-order items may require longer delivery times, up to 3/4 week from the day we receive the order confirmation.‏

Product Code JS001
Material Nylon
Sleeves Mid-Long
Shoulders Low Curves
Length 90 Cm
Skirt Yes
Color Rouge
Sex Genderless
Collar No
Wrist 13 Cm
Inspired by Melted Plastic
Care Hand-wash

Seraphima is wearing an altered size EU 34-36.
Seraphim’s height is 170 cm.

Size Guide


The item is genderless, has mid-long sleeves, and has low curves shoulders in a deconstructed and weird way, which is Inspired by melting the plastic regarding the climate change issue. and the skirt has an asymmetrical shape fitting from the Nylon fabric.

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